We love to craft and are never at a loss for ideas.  We look for the latest trends in home decor and jewelry and bring you an edited assortment of those projects.  During Open Craft Studio times each person can choose a different project to complete.  Browse our calendar to see when Open Craft Studios are held, register, pay a deposit and follow the instructions to hold your spot.  

JEWELRY | We change our jewelry options based on style trends.  Not all styles may be available at all times. We pride ourselves on quality stones that you will be proud to wear.  These are some examples, you will be able to adjust and personalize. You can choose what you would like to make at the open craft studio.

BOHO HOME DECOR | Macrame a hanging shelf | Dream Catcher - Choose from a variety of yarn & ribbon, make tassels and string the dream catcher | PomPom Wreath - choose your yarn and what you would like to paint on the banner (Name, holiday, Inspirational word)

WOOD BURNING | We offer uppercase, lowercase & numbers to burn in the wood piece you pick.  Wood options vary depending on availability.

GLASS ETCHING | 4 different fonts monogram | buzzed, toasted, hammered & bombed images | Terrarium - choose an initial or a shape or simple image

CUSTOM GLASS ETCHING DESIGNS | If you want a custom design we can work with together and a set of 4 glasses are $55.  Register, pay the deposit and then email us to discuss what you would like. 

SIGNS | YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR SIGNS When you register for an open studio and you choose a sign option you will be prompted to 1| Pick a sign style 2| pick a stain color 3| give us the details needed to format and cut a custom stencil for you.  You will pick the paint colors at the open craft studio. 

CUSTOM SIGNS $65 & UP | YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR SIGNS We love working with clients to come up with their own design.  If you have a special quote / motto or you have seen something else you would like to make, choose the custom option, pick one of the sizes & stains we offer and then tell us what you want. 4-5 lines lines is the largest on the $65 & $70 signs. You can also email us any pictures you have or to discuss the design. (See what we have created with others in the slideshow below)

$65 - 11x24, 14x18, 7x36, 18'“ circle | $70 - 14x24, 11x36, 18” circle with handles or lazy susan | $80 - 14x36, 24” circle | $100 - 24x36