We've hosted all kinds of groups here, from church organizations, tennis teams, book clubs, co-workers & neighborhood friends (we won't tell which is the wildest).  

SCHEDULING - To have your group shut this place down just for them we require a minimum of 12 (15 during December) people and we can hold up to 24. If you have less than that, your group can join one of the open project studios that are listed on the calendar.  You will have an area to bring food and drinks for your group. You can register from the calendar to hold your spot in the class.  If you have a date in mind for your smaller group but there isn't an open project studio on that day, reach out to us.  We can possibly make that date an open class and others may join.   

PROJECT CHOICE - When planning a private group you will need to determine a project that your group will complete.  Even though the group will be doing a certain craft project each person's project can be personalized and tailored to make their's unique so no 2 are alike. See details below to help choose which craft project will work best for your group event.

JEWELRY CAN NOT be combined with with WOOD and GLASS ETCHING. 

JEWELRY -   You will receive a registration page for everyone to register and pay a $25 deposit. This deposit will go towards their final payment. When the guests arrive they will be able to choose if they would like to make a necklace $45-55, bracelets- 1st one is $25, 2nd $20, 3rd $15 (make as many as you would like) - earrings $25-$30.  They can choose to make more than one piece if time allows.  They will pay for what they make at the end of the event, less their deposit.  

WOOD PROJECTS - This can be offered in conjunction with glass etching.  We will create a link for you to send out to your invitees to register for the event.  You will see the different project options on the registration page, choose which one you want to make, give us the details/wording, choose the base stain color and pay at time of registration.  Prices range from $35-$65.  We will have the base sign and custom stencil for each person's project ready when you arrive.  You will choose your paint colors at the time of the class. If you have a picture or idea of something you want to make, please send us an email and we can work together to design something amazing.  You can bring any food and drink you would like.    

GLASS ETCHING - This can be offered in conjunction with wood projects. You will see the different design & glass options on the registration page, choose which design and type of glasses you want to make, give us the details and pay at time of registration.   We offer a set of 4 stemless wine | cocktail | beer glasses.  If you choose one of our designs or monogram options the price is $45 for the set.  We have the ability to customize the designs with a different image for each glass for $55.  We love working with you to design custom glasses with images that mean something to you.  If you have an interest (music, dance, sea life etc..) we can find images to use on your glasses.