How many times do we go to a craft store and buy supplies with the intent of doing it at home and then you get home and get busy and never get around to it or you realize you forgot something that you need. We take all the guess work out of it.  You can come by yourself or with a friend and meet new people that share the same crafting interest as you do, or just other people that like to get out of the house and drink.  You can bring any drinks and food you would like.  

OPEN STUDIO times are listed on the calendar.  You must register for the one you want to attend and pay the deposit to hold your spot. You can choose from all of our project options during Open Studio.  You will be able to choose which one you want when you arrive. These projects are semi-customizable.  We offer several standard signs with a customizable name option that can be formatted to your specification during the party.  HOWEVER; IF YOU WANT A MORE CUSTOMIZED FAMILY NAME SIGN OR A CUSTOM QUOTE YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH THE CUSTOM SIGN LINK. NO EXCEPTIONS!